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First Aider-My Dad, My Hero.


First Aider- My Dad, My Hero. Eddie got home from work just in time for Joan to leave for her work shift on Little Island. He was delayed all week because his foreman had nominated him to attend a first aid course. The course was very good but to be honest, if he could have found an excuse not to do it he’d have been happier. It was a strain to do his work and the first aid course and be home in time to mind Lilly. Lilly, his beautiful bubbly 3 [...]

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First Aid Fundamentals – child’s play


First Aid Fundamentals - child’s play Carol stood at the side of the pitch, watching as her 7 year old, Conor, joined the rest of his team mates for the usual Thursday evening training session. Conor’s little face looked very serious as he listened to the coach’s instructions before taking up his allocated position on the field. It seemed only yesterday that Carol was holding him in her arms, taking him to baby massage classes. The massage classes relaxed both mother and baby and watching the 15 or 16 determined little boys as the coaches [...]

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The Heel Prick test and would you like to collect yoru childs from the HSE


Did your child have a heel prick test done between 1984 and 2002? If your child was born between 1984 and 2002 then the heel prick test is about to be destroyed.Or would you like to collect it, then here is some essential information you should know about your child’s heel prick test. In order to comply with EU data protection laws, heel prick tests for newborn babies carried out between 1984 and 2002, are due to be destroyed following a complaint from 2009, that the retention of such cards is in breach of privacy [...]

The Heel Prick test and would you like to collect yoru childs from the HSE2013-03-26T18:08:49+01:00

First Aid Remedies For Toothache


First Aid Remedies For Toothache If you got a nasty toothache and cannot really wait for the dentist to intervene,then try this first aid remedy and rinsing your mouth with hot water can give you some relief from the throbbing pain. Toothache is often triggered by food particles lodged between your teeth. In that case, using dental floss will help dislodge the hidden food particles from the corners of your teeth and relieve aches and pains. If nothing else helps, you can opt for an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever to dull the pounding ache. Alternatively, you can [...]

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The importance of basic First Aid Skills:


The importance of basic First Aid Skills: our little ones are so imortant People only think about first aid and the importance of first aid skills and what they would/should do in an emergency situation when they are in the situation. Often it is very difficult to think straight when your Child/ Mother / Husband /Sisters life is threatened. It is human nature to panic when your child is sick or hurt.There are things that you can have in place to help in an emergency.When going on holidays we make great plans, we [...]

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Baby Massage -Our First Language


Baby massage for the special little people in your lives Baby Massage -Our First Language In many ways, touch through Baby Massage is our first language – a language scientists are now beginning to understand. Being touched in a loving way can help small babies grow stronger and troubled children feel less anxious. In many hospitals and birth centres, newborns are placed on the mother's chest or abdomen to give them the most skin to-skin contact. The touch between the mother and her baby brings them emotionally close – a process known as [...]

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First Aid Classes Available:


First Aid Classes Available: I just want to take this opportunity to tell you about the first aid classes available in your area, I don’t know about the rest of you but I am back after a not so hot summer, and back into the swing of homework , lunches and washing and ironing uniforms. I am back up and running classes in a number of places. I have some First aid fundamentals classes in Midleton, which are filling up really fast, I am also starting a class in The Rochestown Park Hotel, and these [...]

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After School activities, How Safe Are they?


After School activities, How Safe Are they? Well it is that time of year again. Back to school time and I don’t know about you but in our house there is very little talk about new shoes or uniforms ,but mine are making lists of after school activities that they will take up this year…The list of ideas range from horse riding to Athletics and apart from the money to pay for all these activities.I started to think about how safe  these activities are.The likes of horse riding must have pretty strict guide lines to adhere [...]

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Don’t stop your exercise over the summer


Don’t stop your exercise over the summer   Don’t stop your exercise over the summer. Don’t stop your exercise over the summer, is vital for all to continue exercising. Here I am almost half way through the summer holidays, and if you happen to be as lucky as me to be OFF(at home entertaining my three kids) for the summer ,then you will appreciate my difficulty this wet overcast dreary Thursday morning in July. I have noticed that the weather and how good or bad it is doesn’t really effect the kids. Once [...]

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Are You Applying Sun Screen on the Kids every Day?


  Are You applying Sun Screen on the kids every Day? The need to apply sun screen daily  is something that I think about quite a lot. Anybody that knows me will find it hard to believe but I am actually fair skinned , and my daughter is also very fair.So for people like this ( really all Irish skin) even on a dull day , we should be applying sun screen. Sunlight generally makes us feel good, it provides us with vitamin D and lifts our spirits but despite these qualities it is becoming [...]

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