First Aider- My Dad, My Hero.

Eddie got home from work just in time for Joan to leave for her work shift on Little Island. He was delayed all week because his foreman had nominated him to attend a first aid course. The course was very good but to be honest, if he could have found an excuse not to do it he’d have been happier. It was a strain to do his work and the first aid course and be home in time to mind Lilly.

Lilly, his beautiful bubbly 3 year old. She kept him on his toes from once he walked in the door from work until he managed to get her to bed sometime between 8 and 10 pm. It was a cold October evening so Eddie decided to light a fire in the sitting room stove and he and Lilly would have dinner then relax and watch a DVD for the evening. They were snuggled up on the couch watching My Little Hero, Lilly’s favourite cartoon, when Lilly decided she wanted a drink and she’d get it herself. She leaped off the couch but tripped on the rug in front of the stove. She put her hand out and fell on the hot wrought iron surface. She screamed as she felt the soft skin on the palm of her hand burn. Eddie picked her up in a flash and rushed with her to the kitchen sink. He turned on the cold tap. Lilly sobbed as Eddie held her tight and told her she’d be just fine. After ten minutes Eddie took Lilly’s hand from the water and wrapped it in a clean damp towel. Eddie gave a silent thanks for having completed the First Aid course. Only yesterday the first aid instructor had gone through how to treat burns with them.

Eddie gave Lilly a drink before wrapping her in a blanket and putting her in the car and driving to A&E. The Burns Unit dressed Lilly’s burns and gave Eddie some dressings for her little hand. Eddie was confident that he could re-dress the burns until Lilly’s next check-up at the hospital in Cork. The plastic surgeon checked Lilly’s hand for nerve damage and scarring. Thanks to Eddie’s quick first aid response there was no permanent damage to Lilly’s hand.

As Eddie and Lilly watched My Little Hero again, Lilly gave her Dad a big hug and whispered ‘My Dad, My Hero’.

Kidsaid Tip:

For burns ‘absolutely must as fast as possible 10 min cold water’. You can find out more about how to treat burns with a course from kidsaid-