The importance of basic First Aid Skills:

our little ones are so imortant

People only think about first aid and the importance of first aid skills and what they would/should do in an emergency situation when they are in the situation. Often it is very difficult to think straight when your Child/ Mother / Husband /Sisters life is threatened. It is human nature to panic when your child is sick or hurt.There are things that you can have in place to help in an emergency.When going on holidays we make great plans, we make sure we have our
Passport/tickets/transfers/accomadation/sunscreen and even money yet we never stop and make provisions for a medical emergency. Do you have the Doctors number in a promonent place. Would your children know what to do if you were ill/injured or unconscious? Have you ever considered how frightening it would be for your children if anything happened to you. Wouldn’t it be better if they had some idea what to do.
There is no harm in going through a few basic things with your children and family on what to do in an emergency. You could have a few nos on the fridge or on the wall in the kitchen. You could run through a few simple steps with your children as to what to do if you yourself got hurt or was knocked unconscious.After you have completed a first aid course you could go through a few simple procedures with the children so they are comfortable at some procedures.

Would you like to know some first aid skills/procedures

Here is a simple First Aid skills/procedures procedure to follow in a medical emergency:

Some equipment available for use at the classes

Stop. Think . Act.Always make sure that the area is safe for you and the patient.
Take a moment and think what is the correct thing to do in this particular situation.
Gather any first aid kit or medicine that maybe available.Talk to the patient and try to establish what is wrong or what has happened.Decide what is the best thing to do to help this person.Can you help the person in the position you found them in or do you need to move them for their own safety. Are they out of danger or are they still being injuried.Should you call the doctor or should you take them to to doctors surgery or straight to the hospital. All these decisions made quickly can really make a big difference to the outcome for the patient.

First Aid Fundementals:

It is hard to beat taking a simple class on first aid fundenemtals. We run classes in Midleton/Glanmire and Douglas but if you have a group of min 6 max 12 We could arrange a class specifically for your group.For further info click here.